Dear members, this year elections must be held to renew the Board of Directors of the Latin American Society of Acarology. To this end, we have asked the delegates of each country to send suggestions for the positions of President, Secretary and Treasurer before May 18. And through this message, we ask all those interested in proposing a name to send it to the delegate of their country, before the aforementioned date, so that he can direct them to the SLA Secretary, and they can be put to the consideration of all at the time of the elections. Below, we remember the list of delegates and their contact email.

ARGENTINA M. Sc. Susana Rizzuto:
BRASIL Dr. Raphael de Campos Castilho:
CHILE Dr. Jorge G. Cepeda Pizarro:
COLOMBIA Dra. Nora Cristina Mesa Cobo:
CUBA Dr. Héctor Rodríguez Morell:
ECUADOR Dr. Carlos Alberto Ortega Ojeda:
MÉXICO Dra. Ma. Magdalena Vázquez González:
PANAMÁ Dr. Sérgio Bermudez:
PERÚ Dra. Sofía Jiménez Jorge:
REPÚBLICA DOMINICANA Dra. Cristina Antonia Gomez Moyá:
URUGUAY Dr. José Manuel Venzal:

Thank you very much for taking part!