The Argentine Society of Soil Biology and Ecology (SABES) announces the holding of the VII National Congress of Soil Biology (CONEBIOS VII) with the slogan “We are soil”, which will be held in April 2022 at the Convention Center, Sergio Karakachoff Building, of the National University of La Plata (La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Work Reception Closing Date: December 31, 2021.

Rules for the Presentation of Works:

Language: Spanish or Portuguese
Authors must indicate type of work (Full Work, Work in Development or Experience) as well as in which of the following subject areas they want their work to be included:

1. Diversity, Monitoring, Indicators, Conservation
2. Ecology of Populations and Communities
3. Functionality of Agroecosystems
4. Morphology, Physiology, Taxonomy and Systematics
5. Environmental Education
6. Gender: from Soil Diversity to Gender Diversity

Number of works: Each registered author may submit a maximum of three (3) works.

More details in the attached circular

3ra circular CONEBIOS VII