Registration for the course “Introduction to acarology: a vast world beyond allergies” is open from Friday 06/03. The corse is coordinated by Dr. Fernando de Castro Jacinavicius, who is a biologist and currently works in the Zoological Collections Laboratory (LCZ), with the Acarological Collection of the Butantan Institute, one of the largest mite collections in Latin America. Specialist in systematics and investigation of pathogens in mites of medical and veterinary interest for more than 10 years, Fernando has been developing research and dissemination activities involving ectoparasitic mites mainly from the Neotropical region.
The focus of the work of the team of which he is a part is the identification of neglected mite species, generating knowledge and providing information on these microscopic creatures, which often go unnoticed. All the information obtained and shared about these animals with the potential to transmit pathogens contributes to the establishment of medical diagnoses, treatments and guidelines for people who suffer accidents, and is even useful for government agencies in making public policy decisions. And for this reason, Fernando is also proud of his work as a taxonomist, since he provides services to society, in an area that still lacks specialists, but with great importance in health and the economy.
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The course will take place from June 20 to 24, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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