Dear partners,

Between the 14th and 15th of this month of September, you will receive an email with an interactive form to elect the new Board of Directors of the Latin American Society of Acarology (SLA), as well as the delegates of different countries, with response time up to 25 of the same month at 11:59 a.m. (Brazil time).

As a novelty, and in order to facilitate the work of the elected delegates, two representatives may be elected for Mexico and two for Brazil, given their high number of affiliates (the two countries together contribute 45% of the total partners).

IMPORTANT: If the aforementioned email has not reached you by Wednesday 16 first thing in the morning, please contact the SLA email

In the attached file the total number of candidates proposed is detailed as well as the names of the proponents and the cases of those candidates who declined the candidacy are indicated.

Once the electoral process is finished, the result will be disseminated in the available means of the SLA (SLA page: slacarologia @ org, Instagram: @acarologoslatinoamericanos and Facebook: Latin American Society of Acarología -oficial- / 988359804947220/about).

From the current Board of Directors of the SLA, we hope to count on your valuable participation and commitment to give continuity to the growth of our beloved Society.


Denise Navia

President SLA