Websites of interest

Here you will find links to sites of interest in the field of acarology:

  1. Databases
  2. 3D models of mites
  3. Acarology journals
  4. Acarology websites

1. Databases:

by Dr. Peterson Rodrigo Demite

 SpiderMites Web:

 Catalogof Life:

 Fauna Europaea:


 Catálogo Taxonômico da Fauna do Brasil (CTFB):


Demite et al. (2014) Research Gate:

Bases de Dados da ESALQ-USP:




Santos et al. (2018) Research Gate:

TetranychidaeDatabase (Brasil):

Flechtmann& Moraes (2018) Research Gate:


Flat Mites of the World:

ProjetoTenuipalpidae Database (Research Gate):


Research Gate – Peterson R. Demite:


2.  3D models of mites

by Dr. Gary Bauchan and Dr. Ron Ochoa


3. Acarology Journals

The following are the main publications dedicated exclusively to acarology. They can be searched by subject or author. In all, except the last two, pdfs can be downloaded at no cost.

Persian Journal of Acarology:

Systematic and Applied Acarology:

Journal of the Acarological Society of Japan:


Acarines, The Journal of the Egyptian Society of Acarology:

Acarina. Russian Journal of Acarology:

International Journal of Acarology:

Experimental and Applied Acarology:


4. Acarology websites

Ácaros/mites, website on acarology by Jose Claudio Barro Ferraz

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