Dear participants,

The Organizing Committee of the VII Brazilian Symposium on Acarology (VII SIBAC), in view of the requests of several participants, decided to extend the submission date of the modalities: posters, oral presentations, Audiovisual Acarology contest and Scientific Note (Entomological Communications), as well as maintain the values of the first quota for registrations until the date of October 29, 2021 (10/29/2021).

We look forward to you all,


VII SIBAC Committee

José Wagner da Silva Melo

Fernando de Castro Jacinavicius

Ricardo Bassini-Silva

Raphael C. Castilho

Peterson R. Demite

Gilberto José de Moraes

In case of doubts, please contact us via e-mail:

Sétima Circular – VIISIBAC.pdf

Event Secretary