In order to bring knowledge on different topics of Acarology, to professionals and students dedicated to Biological Sciences and related, Latin American Society of Acarology offers, with the collaboration of international leaders, the course Talking about mites: updating topics in Acarology: Agricultural, Medical-Veterinary, and Biodiversity. The proposed environment is the virtual one, taking into account the current global context, of social confinement as a result of Covid 19. The activity will be carried out free of charge, through the Google Meet virtual platform, from May 12 to July 14.

Objective: To provide attendees with the necessary tools to understand the different groups of mites, addressing aspects related to their morphology, biology, ecology and sanitary importance.

Recipients: Professionals and graduate and undergraduate students of Biological Sciences, Agronomy, Veterinary Science, Environmental Sciences. As well as field and laboratory technicians associated with the aforementioned Sciences.

Total hour load: 40 hours (theoretical: 28 hours + optional practice / assessment: 12 hours).

Space: 250 attendees per topic.

Language: most of the talks will be given in Spanish and some of them in Portuguese

Deadline for pre-registration: May 3, 2020

Contact: Ing. Agr. Marisa Regonat

Timeline and General Program – Access to pre-registration

Schedule: Mites of importance in agriculture:

Schedule: Soil mites:

Schedule: Ectoparasitic mites and vectors:

Schedule: Tools for the study of mites: