Dear members of the Latin American Society of Acarology,

Continuing the cycle of monthly and virtual lectures offered by SLA, we invite everyone to participate on 01/29/2021, at 6:00 pm (Brasília time), in the webinar “Ácaros acuáticos”, coordinated by Dr. Edith Estrada Venegas. For the presentation of this theme, we will have as guests, Dr. Orlando Combita Heredia (OSU, USA) who will teach the class “Diversidad y Ecología de Ácaros de Agua Dulce en América Latina” ​​and Dr. Geraldo Rivas Lechuga (UNAM, Mexico) class “Diversidad de Ácaros Marinos”. Access link:

This year we will have news!!! We will be providing a certificate of participation in the event for SLA members. To have access just register at the link below.

To access the certificate:

1) Being a member of SLA. Not a member? Join the Latin American Society of Acarology (SLA)!

2) Enroll in the event and activities (program), where the certificates will be issued:

3) Complete the attendance list that will be made available during the event.

4) Finally, an email will be sent to inform you that the certificate has been released for download.

We wait for you!